About Pallavi

I am a communication graduate from the University of Westminster, London. I believe in the power of information as being the key to bring about positive changes and mass media as an important tool in this process. This is the main motive that drove me to work for broadcast media for over 7 years and seek opportunities in the field of communication. I have worked for a popular media organization in Nepal as a television presenter, radio producer and also as a Deputy Executive Producer. During my 7 years of tenure in television and radio, I have directed and produced many radio and television programs as well as few music videos. Wanting to refine my writing skills, I started to write few years back. I am now regularly contributing my write-ups to a lifestyle magazine in Nepal and opinion pages of national dailies.

With a background in Social Work, I have had the opportunity to volunteer for NGOs including working for CNN Hero Anuradha Koirala in Maiti Nepal and Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN). I have worked for International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), WWF and Save the Children. 

Being born in a family of five sisters and having worked with diverse groups in media since an early age, I value the uniqueness that each individual can bring to a team and truly respect the essence of a team spirit.  For me life is too short for negativity or regrets and since there are many things to learn in life, I take every opportunity to learn and improve my skills. I like challenging myself and I am not afraid of hard work. Being an adventurous person, I enjoy adventure sports – bungee, white water rafting, trekking, para-sailing are few things I’ve indulged in. Sky diving, deep sea diving and space flight are few of my to-do-things in the future.

I have always been motivated to work for good cause and what better way to demonstrate this commitment than working for a non-profit organization. Coming from a communication background and having a strong interest in development, I want to explore the opportunities that digital communication and new media can play in development, conservation and education especially in developing countries. Ultimately, I hope to contribute in the field of development and for this I recognize the importance of holistic and multidisciplinary approach which I have gained over the years working with national and international teams in mass media, private and non-profit organizations.

Please note that the opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my responsibility and do not necessarily reflect the views of any organizations that I have associated with or am currently working for.

Thank you for visiting this blog.