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This page covers my interviews and write-ups covered in newspapers and magazines. It does not include TV or radio interviews. I was not able to document everything, these are the only ones I could find as of now. 

Published on Republica on 9th May 2014
“The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.” ― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye
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Published on Kathmandu Post (popular national daily) on 3 March 2013

Republica a popular national daily publishes my article on June 24, 2013. 


I was in Pokhara staying in Grand with my family when one of the waiter smiles at me and brings the coffee saying I was looking very pretty today. I am confused as to what he is saying and say thank you and smile thinking perhaps he has seen me on TV and likes me. Came to know in the afternoon that he was referring to this piece on 'Sari' published on Nagarik Daily newspaper.... and thank god to Manavi my sister who had captured this and so I am able to put it here today !!


Working for Image channel is one of my favorite experience. Here are few glimpses of the very popular Image Awards that I got the opportunity to host over the years...



I am not a very fashion conscious person. I wear what I feel comfortable and I really do not care whether I am following any fashion trend or not.

This was taken by living magazine for an interview on fashion.. There is just one thing that I would like to correct for the one question asked by the interviewer about 'raiding a closet'... I think  she misinterpreted my answer..  I would raid my sister Shilpika's closet who lives is New York and is very fashionable.. and would like to replace Rekha Thapa's closet with a new wardrobe.. I love what Rekha does I just think she could look far better if dressed properly.

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Coming back from London and having been asked to work for image again for a higher management position was honoring. I started working in image not as a presenter or producer but as a deputy executive. I remodeled 'Music of your Choice' a live music program into something different. And I would like to believe that its popularity was one reason why I was asked for an interview in Living Magazine.
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Acting is always fun. Not that I am propagating I act well but posing in front of camera for the popular daily newspaper Republica felt nice!


 We are well aware that nothing is constant and things change. We plan but some times things do not turn out the way you plan. While I am posting this it is already 2012 and while some things turned out the way I planned, few things have not. But the interview is a reminder as to what I still am wanting to get done!



Having worked in media since the age of 18, I juggled my full time studies and work in TV. I think it would have been easier had I only been an anchor/presenter on TV but knowing myself - of course I would not settle for anything less.  So, I worked not just as TV presenter but also as Radio/TV program Producer and a Director. Working full time and studying and pulling in good grades was difficult but I do not regret it one bit.

I have to admit that my career peak was doing the program 'South Asian Star Nepal'. To receive due praises and recognition felt wonderful in Nepal and in India. No wonder I was asked to work for South Asian TV in Calcutta. But knowing that at a small age I had achieved what I had set for myself at that age, I decided I wanted to peruse my other passion. Something that was so completely different from the glamor world that people still talk about the BOLD switch. I decided after working for half a decade to resign from Image Channel FOR GOOD to help and contribute to the society in a different way. I joined humanitarian field and started to work for International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Nepal.

Pallavi Dhakal resigns from Image Channel 

Think of Image Channel and its presenters, Pallavi Dhakal would be the first person to come to your mind. Besides reality shows like ‘South Asian Star’, ‘Mega Model Contest’ she has been a part of popular programs like 'Got the guts', 'Music of your choice', 'Party Central' etc. It surprised us when we came to know that she is leaving Image Channel. Calling her and asking 'what's up?' was answered with a big alarm.

She worked in the media sector as a television presenter, Radio Jockey, correspondent, model, program producer, director etc but she also tried to work in some other field as well. She finally has been appointed as a ‘Communication Officer’ in an INGO International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Pallavi has already dropped her resignation letter and will be disappearing from the TV sets after Tihar. We suggest all her fans to record her programs in cassettes or CD, or capture her video in mobile phones.

We all will be missing you Pallavi.


With my first directed music video being played all across major TV stations in Nepal, I was asked for yet another music video by Sanoup Poudel for the song titled " Timro Deshain ma". I loved this song so much, I really wanted to direct this one. But there were so many constraints doing this music video that I am glad it came out to be as good as it is.  If I direct this music video AGAIN I would really do it in a different way perhaps somewhere away from Kathmandu. 

The story is about long distance relationship. How it tests a relationship and leads to misunderstanding between a couple. But ultimately, what saves the day is the act of forgiveness and a meaningful connection.

Watch the video...


Playing as a model in a music video is very easy but directing it is a completely different thing. I met Sishir Bangdel in his album launch the first time. He asked me if I wanted to direct his music video and since I was looking for an opportunity for my first directorial debut I said HELL yes.

I presented Shishir with two stories and we both liked this one and it was from him that I decided with this ending in the video. It took an entire day and midnight for this video to get over. Managing the entire team of 12 to 15 people was a big task. I am so glad Sishir Bangdel chose me to do his video and I will always love him for that.

In the video you will see that I have acted as a female model too.. because Shishir dai wanted it. So have a look at my first directorial debut. Sishir Bangdel's Malai Bachna Deu. The story revolves around love, heart ache and betrayal.


It felt funny to actually grace the cover of Wave Magazine. I was 23 then. I did come on the cover page of many other magazines after this but too bad I do not have a link or a copy to paste here. But have to admit, I never really saw myself as a model type so posing was definitely difficult for me at least here. When ever I look at this picture on wave magazine, I tell myself to flash my real smile the next time.

 Here is a link of the cover page that was published on 2008. Read more

Striking a pose this month is Pallavi Dhakal, the senior producer and presenter of Image Channel. All of 23, this multifaceted lady loves to write and you can checkout her scribbles in the virtual world ...
Photo & Concept: Anup Prakash
Wardrobe: Wonderfabs, Shop # 384, 3rd Floor, Supermarket, New Road
Accessory: The Moon Collection, Lattipur Bishal Bazaar
Hair & Make-up: Chahana Beauty Parlor, Bagbazaar
Studio: Pix One, Bagbazaar
Coordinator: Sunaina Shah and Shitu Rajbhandari
Cover Design: Kiran Maharjan


At this time people's war was at peak. The name Prachanda had only been introduced in the main stream media and every one was taking about who he was.. he made the headlines every day, news every hour.. so of course when asked who was popular I said Prachanda.. not because I support or favor any political ideology or his to that matter just because I said his name. Find out more here:

Q: Who do you think is the most popular person in KTM today? Why?

A: Mmmm….popular? (After a long pause) Prachanda. Yah Prachanda is very popular in KTM today. (But we were actually expecting names from the media) Well…..then…let me see. Everybody who is working in media is popular don’t you think? (Can you please specify?) Mmmmm….no one actually. No one is really that popular. (No really we needed a name, you can take your name if that makes it any easier.) Mmmm…..I really don’t consider myself a celebrity. So I will not take my name. And there exists no celebritydom here in Nepal, we still have a long way to go for that. But if you insist on taking a name then I’d rather mention my sister’s name: Manavi Dhakal. Yeah she is popular; many know her and like her. Yep there you go the answer to your question, my sister Manavi is very popular in KTM today.


I never said yes to acting in music video because, I never really wanted to tag myself as a model. Simply because models were not given the respect that they deserved at least I felt so. But when I first heard this song of Ciney Gurung, I knew it was going to be a hit. And forgetting everything, I immediately said yes to do this music video.

The song is 'samhali rakhe' by Ciney Gurung and we shot this video in the night. It was a sleepless night and I went back home around 5 in the morning and my parents were not very pleased about it. But when the video did come out they proudly showcased it around. PARENTS just love them!!

Working for Ciney Gurung was really nice, she is one amazing lady and a very talented singer and so very very soft spoken and friendly. You will fall in love with her immediately. This was my first video and I never really did music videos after that, hence the last. Enjoy!!