Friday, December 28, 2012

What are you going to do?

Saraswati Subedi mysteriously dead in her home in Anamnagar! Sita raped and robbed off her hard earned money by a security personnel at the TIA! But these are just few recent incidences, there have been worst cases in the past.

WOREC reports 443 cases of rapes annually in Nepal ( i.e. roughly 3 girls in every 2 days) but this is a low number given that many girls do not report rape cases due to shame and humiliation. There is up to ten years of imprisonment given the severity of a rape case by the Nepalese law but most often this is not acted upon and rapists are running free secured by a meager fine amount.

The most hilarious part of our Muluki Ain 2020 BS is that if a prostitute is raped a fine of NRs 500 is enough. For marital rape only 3 months imprisonment. It is as though a prostitute and a wife are less affected by the same heinous act. However one exemplary part about our law is the Defense of Chastity where a rape victim has the right to defend her chastity against the assailant, in course of which she may even kill the assailant within one hour and wont be liable for his death.

It is about time we understand what kind of laws protect females of this national and whether these existing laws provide justice to the heinous crime called RAPE. Perhaps the laws need revisiting or perhaps the laws need to be acted upon severely. Either way, first we need to know what laws exist, so that we can stand up and speak about it!!

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  1. Yeah, its been enough of Silence...We definitely needa SPEAK UP !!