Saturday, September 14, 2013

Animal Farm

Animal FarmAnimal Farm by George Orwell
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While I was reading this book, I had our country's internal armed conflict in mind.

Just to give you a brief background as to what the book is all about (for those who have not read the book yet). The humans in Manor Farm are chased away by the farm animals, in the leadership of pigs and they rename the farm 'Animal Farm'. They establish their own principles and commandments but as time goes by the smart pigs change the commandments to fit their selfish needs and ultimately enslave the animals and run the farm themselves. That’s the background in a gist.

To me, not surprisingly, the ending of the book matched quite well to the current position of Nepal. With all that bloodshed and uprising, what happened? In Manor Farm humans were simply replaced by pigs and the animals continued to suffer. Does that not sound familiar?

While the book might have been a critique to the then Stalin's communism in USSR, I think I not only speak for myself but dare say most Nepalese (who've read the book of course), of its obvious resemblance to Nepal – of the thwarting failure of Maoist and the principals they claimed to stand by. What do the pigs do with the Animal Farm's commandments; comrades they change it one after another (very discreetly of course)!!

Obviously the book gives a strong message at the end – the fact that a violent armed revolution, particularly led by power-hungry people will only lead to the change of masters. Precisely why communism has failed in most places (by naively assuming that the pigs will not abuse their power)! And boy have we not seen the contrary in Nepal!

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